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Montai Health

Montai is unlocking the power of nature with digital technologies to treat and preempt chronic disease, improving health outcomes for as many people as possible.

About Montai

Over 2 billion people globally are living with chronic disease, driving trillions in healthcare costs and creating an unsustainable societal burden.

At Montai we are pioneering leading edge technologies to create AnthromoleculeTM medicines — unlocked from a privileged class of molecules with a history of safe, human consumption — to address this critical global challenge. By building the world's first Anthromolecule Bioactivity Atlas that comprehensively maps potent connections to all known biological pathways underlying disease, our human-centered foundation can enable the rapid and repeatable development of safe, efficacious, and accessible medicines for as many diseases and people as possible.

A graphic displaying a the outline of a human body, zooming in on a section of Anthromolecules — a privileged class of molecules with a history of safe, human consumption.
What if the key to treating or preempting chronic disease exists within the molecules that we already consume?

Our Mission

To improve health outcomes for people living with chronic disease, we need to reset the current drug development paradigm.

By unlocking the power of Anthromolecule medicines, Montai can create transformational value for patients and society through accelerated discovery and development, de–risked investments, and more accessible, pathway–modulating therapies safe for long–term use. Our aspiration is to find ways to intervene as early as possible to restore cellular homeostasis and slow or potentially halt disease progression.

  • $1B + 10 years
    Cost and time
    to develop a new drug
  • 10%
    Get to patients — many fail due to safety and toxicity risks
  • 30%+
    Non-responders and most are
    not safe for long term use
  • $10K+ / Week
    Cost for many new

Our Approach

Anthromolecule based discovery can fundamentally reset the safety-efficacy paradigm.

A Huge Untapped Opportunity

There is a diverse, untapped chemical source for discovery, including powerful modalities such as small molecules, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.

There are more than 100,000 known molecules that humans have consumed through foods, supplements, and herbal medicines that can be systematically mapped to create Anthromolecule medicines — with many more to discover, as only a small fraction of the molecules that we consume are currently identified.

Over 40 of these known molecules are already used in FDA-approved drugs as safe, long term treatments for diseases such as Parkinson's, asthma, and heart disease. However, this rich, chemically diverse space has never been systematically mined for its incredible untapped potential to modulate human biological pathways.

A New Human-Centered Paradigm

We are unlocking the power of Anthromolecule medicines by creating the world's largest Anthromolecule Bioactivity Atlas. Our approach will enable the rapid and repeatable discovery of efficacious new medicines that are safe, easy to administer, and suitable for the broadest range of applications from early intervention to long-term use.

Our initial therapeutic focus is on small molecule therapies for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases where there is a great unmet patient need. Our long-term goal is to develop human-centered solutions for the two billion people living with one or more chronic diseases.

A graphic representation of Anthromolecules, highlighting the ratio of known versus FDA-approved.
Anthromolecules are a diverse, untapped chemical source. There are currently more than 100,000 known Anthromolecules, and more than 40,000 already found in FDA-approved drugs safe for long term use.

The CONECTA™ Platform

The CONECTA Platform is the first discovery platform for efficient, comprehensive, and repeatable mapping of Anthromolecule bioactivity across pathways driving disease.

We are leveraging rapid and ever-growing advancements in the digitization of natural chemistry and human biology coupled with powerful computational tools for linking chemical structure and bioactivity.

This confluence of biotechnologies enables us to build a powerful, one-of-a-kind discovery platform focused on creating medicines that are safe, effective, and more human-centric than ever before.



Systematic, multi-dimensional characterization of every potential Anthromolecule across 45+ properties essential to therapeutic discovery and development.

Bioactivity Atlas

Machine learning-powered mapping and prioritization of bioactive connections between every potential Anthromolecule and the pathways known to drive specific diseases.

Pathway Solutions

Single or combination therapies that potently modulate disease pathways as safe, effective, and accessible medicines for long term use.

The CONECTA™ pipeline

The CONECTA Platform has evaluated tens of millions of bioactive connections to validated disease pathways, and efficiently prioritized high potential hits to create the foundation for a robust product pipeline of Anthromolecule medicines.
  • 50K+
    Over 50,000 AnthroGraphs
  • 13 / 5
    13 Pathway Maps in 5 major disease areas
  • 1000x
    1000x efficiency in finding high potential keys for targets

Rapidly pioneering new solutions, we have an emerging therapeutic pipeline initially focused on targeting pathways that drive inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. We are advancing multiple Anthromolecule candidates demonstrating strong efficacy in preclinical in vitro and in vivo models of disease.

We are scaling and automating the CONECTA Platform to enable rapid and repeatable advancement of therapies across multiple diseases. Our mission is to improve health outcomes for as many people as possible and reduce the growing and unsustainable societal burden of chronic disease.

We are united under a shared purpose of improving health outcomes for as many people as possible.
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